Switch Mode Power Supplies


Spectron makes compact , Professional grade SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLIES (SMPS) mainly for Industrial and Defence applications. All the SMPS are designed with latest technology with all required in-built protection for input and output. These are available in different voltage and current capacities as 100 Watt, 400Watt, modules, with single and multiple outputs.

  • Compact size for ease of handling.
  • Wide mains input variation tolerance.
  • Good regulation and fast recovery of output voltage.
  • Low ripple content.
  • Fast acting electronic protections
  • 100% incoming Q.C. checked active devices and professional grade thoroghly inspected components
  • Design characterised by requirement of least attendence of user.
  • Glass epoxy PCBs with solder mask and legend printing.
  • Epoxy powder coated, wear resistant cabinets.
  • 100% outgoing Q.C. checked and heat run tested products.
  • Excellent customer support documentation and after sales service.

Electrical Specifications for SMPS

Input Supply 160-270 V A.C. / 90-130 V A.C. 50 / 60 / 400 Hz, Single Phase
Output Voltage 5,12,15,24,36,48,110,220
Output Current 0.5,1,2,5,10,12,15,20,25,30,50
Ripple Content 100 mV Peak to Peak typical
  • Output is protected against Overlaod / Short Circuit & Overvoltage.
  • Input is protected by fuse (MCB optional) of appropriate rating.
  • Presence of Mains input supply by Neon lamp.
  • Output "ON " by LED.
  • Digital metering for indication of output voltage and current (optional).
  • Input by 2 meter long, 3 core mains cord or terminal strip / connector of appropriate rating.
  • Output by terminals or terminal strip / connector of appropriate rating.